Your Network Is Your Networth

Reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned throughout our digital seminar classes

Key Takeaways and Lessons

“Start Saying Yes.”

Cathy encouraged us to expose ourselves to new things in careers by not declining opportunities. It made me reconsider how I viewed my career path, thinking back to moments in my past when I said no to things, and what could have happened if I said yes. Based on Cathy’s experience, having the ability to say yes can dramatically impact your career. Through her, I’m slowly learning to embrace the risk, make the attempt, and see how it will affect my growth in my career journey.

“Be Creative!“

Whether it’s a full-fledged campaign or a simple tweet, it’s important to let your natural creativity blossom and shine throughout every aspect of your work. In terms of my career options, this activity left me feeling less restricted as far as knowing my own capabilities. I find that I have a bit more freedom, and it’s something I’ve started to notice through my own job. I find myself experimenting more, testing the limits of my creativity, and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

“Use Linkedin anytime or all the time.”

That’s to say, use it frequently and if you need to, obsessively. I’ll admit that I have been downplaying what Linkedin can offer. Although many of our professors have encouraged us to share our blog posts and assignments on the platform, I haven’t really done that as much as I should have. It could be a sense of anxiety I have with the platform considering its professional use, but whatever may be stopping me needs to cease. Aadhar’s advice has given me that little push I needed to start using Linkedin more effectively. Considering that many employers will flock to Linkedin to look for talent, being active on the platform is a huge plus that could make me stand out.

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Growth only exists in discomfort.”

For a long time I’ve been in this bubble where I was too comfortable with where I was, the advice that our speakers gave was asking me to do things that I found too strange and doubtful. However, if I don’t make the change and start putting these lessons into practice, I’ll never see myself grow throughout my career.

How I networked (and plan to continue to network)

Tips and Best Practices

  1. ) Keeping in touch: Do more than just accept the friend request, interact with your network, and get to know them better.
  2. ) Don’t sell yourself short: Know your worth, develop more confidence within yourself. This will change how you see yourself and in turn, make you feel more at ease with developing connections and meeting new people.
  3. ) Attend Events: Whether virtually or in person. Make the move to go and meet people within the industry, it’s a great way to practice marketing yourself to other people in real-time, as well as expanding your network.



I like to pretend I’m a critic.

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