Digital Seminar Journal Entry

What I learned from Cathy McKnight

Image source: Salesforce.

Size Vs. Culture

During her presentation, Cathy focused on the size of a company and how the workplace culture is affected by it, depending on how big or small the organization is. She explained that through her career journey, she found that working for a small company as opposed to a large firm suited her better because of the way she liked to work. She understood that where she thrived was one of the most important factors in her career.

What It Means For Me

Learning this has affected the way I would go about searching for my career. Cathy’s points on size and culture have given me an idea of what I could expect from a large or small business. From that, I feel as if I would be geared slightly better as to what the environment and the workspace would feel like, and could then figure out how it would complement or hinder my style of working. Knowing that I have a preference for the Clan structure of workplace culture, I imagine that I will search for and connect with those that work in that kind of environment. Considering that I work for a small company right now, I’ve realized that based on my experience and Cathy’s explanations, I would prefer to work for a small company where I can thrive and feel comfortable.

My Biggest Takeaway

Lastly, if there was one thing I learned during Cathy’s presentation that has stuck with me profoundly it is this: say yes! It is such a simple phrase but it is easier said than done. Cathy made it clear to us that early on in our careers, we should expose ourselves to new things, and commit to trying even if we fail. Perhaps it is because of the pandemic or otherwise, but I have found myself trapped in a bubble, scared to actually take risks in fear of failing. However, if we never actually make an attempt how do we know if we failed or not? The only way to know is to take that leap of faith.



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